This is our 10-inch 60-tooth QXT Cross-Cutting Saw Blade. The perfect blade if you’re framing a house, a barn, or a shed. The QXT blade features a superior industrial-grade carbide that is specifically blended to deliver extreme cutting efficiency and longevity.

Our DuraShield teflon coating is a revolutionary enhancement that outperforms industry standards in abrasive materials with reduced friction, gumming, and virtually eliminating any coating transfer onto the material. While the industry standard for blade body production is stamping, similar to a cookie cutter process, our QXT blades are laser cut. This process eliminates blade impurities and reduces vibration in the blade’s performance, extending its overall life as well as its cutting quality.

Our QXT blades feature less noise and heat buildup thanks to its laser cut vibration and relief joints, increasing blade life and eliminating material scorching. Its thin kerf design coupled with its DuraShield coating and precision blade body will reduce amp draw on underpowered saws and will yield less material waste and faster cut times.

This blade is specialized for smoother and faster cross cuts in hardwoods, soft woods, and makes a great choice for diyers and professionals demanding a fine finish.

The QXT line will last over 25% longer and outperform industry standards, decreasing your cost-per-cut and saving you money.

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