understands that you need a Portaband blade that will eliminate tooth stripping, stay sharp and last a long time.

That’s why we’re proud to partner with M.K. Morse on their 12/16 TPI Portaband blade.

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This blade is 44-7/8” long with width of 1/2” and a thickness of 0.02”. The variable pitch teeth on these premium bi-metal portable band saw blades reduces vibration when cutting and allows for a broad range of materials to be cut.

This blade also features Matrix II cutting edges and the longest life compared to any competitive blades. We highly recommend its shock resistant teeth for cutting machinable metals. stocks lengths for any portable band saw on the market today so you can find a blade that fits your needs.

Here at, we manufacture quality American band saw blades that are made to order and offer an extensive line of sawing products. We also sell circular blades, coolant, machines, and aftermarket parts so you can think of us as your one-stop shop for all your sawing needs. Thank you for watching and please check out for more in-depth videos, product overviews, and tech tips to take your cutting game to the next level. is simply the best in performance sawing products, and remember:

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