Ekstensive Metal Works was founded in 1994 by owner Bill Carlton. It is one of the most respected custom fabrication and automotive design shops in Houston, Texas.

Ekstensive specializes in custom one off trucks and cars. They strive to deliver the most reliable and highest quality vehicles to customers and uses Sawblade.com’s band saws and blades to help achieve reliable precise cuts the first time.

Trajan band saws offer premium performance and long-term durability. We manufacture cutting machines engineered to deliver precise cuts in a variety of production environments. Choose the Trajan band saw best suited your cutting needs: Our line of machines ranges from portable, lightweight saws to powerful, heavy-duty machines that can handle the hardest metals and most difficult applications.

Our metal cutting band saw blades are an excellent choice for cutting a variety of all shapes and sizes of Steel; the progressive positive rake tooth pattern is designed to reduce noise, vibration and chatter, giving you a quitter sawing operation and extending blade life, resulting in a lower cost per cut.

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