NASA Incorporated in November of 1996, North American Steel Alliance is a member owned purchasing cooperative serving the metals distribution industry.Today, NASA consists of one hundred and twenty steel service centers with over three hundred and forty distribution and processing facilities across North America, from small towns to big cities. NASA is there where and when you need them. As a cooperative, North American Steel Alliance ensures its members can access premium metal products from North American producers.

North American Steel Alliance has partnerships with metal producers and suppliers throughout North America, which enables it to service customers anywhere in Canada and the United States. North American Steel Alliance member companies located across all of North America are providing North American products to their local US and Canadian customers..

Wholly dedicated to their customers, the North American Steel Alliance community is extremely accessible and responsive. When customers have an issue with an order or need special service, it’s a simple matter of picking up the phone and asking to speak to the owner. Try getting that level of assistance from a big-box company.

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