All of the winter equipment and extreme gear used today by extreme winter athletes, must be manufactured to precise tolerances and the highest quality standards, meeting the high demands that customers who play and work in extreme conditions  utilized everyday – especially including, safety.

The world’s finest equipment manufacturers rely on to supply them with the the products and services they demand  to outfit the world for extreme sports whether in manufacturing skis, repelling equipment, strong, lightweight  ski poles, or titanium and carbon tubes for the latest iteration of snow bikes, for the slopes or trails.

You see it all of the time, yet maybe you don’t “see” it. The poles used to hold catch nets and fencing on a down hill ski run; the titanium or carbon structural poles used to support a hang glider as he or she leaps into space off a mountain ledge to soar with eagles; mountaineering equipment from ice axes, to eye bolts pounded into thick ice on mountain faces, to augers used to drill into a frozen mountain lake. Even the structural tubes of cross country ski poles and snow shoes – for the less extreme!

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