“We Are At The Start Of Every Journey”  Ta Prohm, Cambodia. Ta Prohm’s state of ruin is a state of beauty, which is investigated with delight and left with regret.

Ta Prohm is locating southwest of the East Mebon and east of Angkor Thom. Its outer enclosure is near the corner of Banteay Kdei. It can be accessed by enter the monument from the west and leave from the east entrance.

Ta Prohm is especially serene and beautiful in the early morning. A torch and a compass are useful for visiting. temple at all times. It was built about mid-12th century to early 13th century (1186) by the King Jayavarman VII, dedicated to the mother of the king (Buddhist) replica to Bayon style of art.

At Ta Prohm when it was discovered there was a lot of overgrown trees with roots towering over all the temples. Since then it has ben excavated and restored while archeologists had to ensure that the tree roots would not further deteriorate. The amount of tourism around Ta Prohm has increased drastically in recent years with the Angkor complex. Also being in the Lara Croft: Tomb Raider movie more people have been actively wanting to tour and learn about the history.

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