How to cut a piece of angle iron, Tech Tip with ChuckE2009

In this video, ChuckeeE2009 demonstrates how to effectively cut a piece of angle iron. ChuckE2009 shows you how to get a smooth speed with the bandsaw blade while cutting the piece.


  1. Put the piece in the vice with the angle pointing up.
  2. Tighten the vice to secure the workpiece.
  3. Turn the bandsaw machine on and cut the angle iron.

Here at, we absolutely recommend wearing appropriate protective equipment such as gloves and eyewear when cutting angle iron. We also encourage working in a clean environment free of sawdust and other debris.

The QSaw 501 and the Trajan 125

Chuckee cuts this piece of angle iron with the Qsaw 501 IC Structural Band Saw Blade and the Trajan 125 Variable Speed Portable Band Saw. Those can be found on along with other blades and numerous other products. 95% of orders get shipped out on the same day they are placed.

The Q501 IC Wide Set Band Saw Blade for Structural Steel

The IC Band Saw blades feature a unique tooth profile that prevents over-feeding and the resulting stripped teeth.

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