How to Properly Break in Your Bandsaw Blade, Tech Tip

The importance of breaking in a new bandsaw blade should not be under estimated. It can mean the difference between success and failure of your bandsaw blade.

Proper break-in of your bandsaw blade will give you a more uniform blade life. It will make it easier to judge the overall blade life and performance.

One should always break-in a blade when first installed to remove the sharp edge. Breaking-in the bandsaw blade will give you a much longer blade life and you will not have as many problems with breaking/stripping teeth, or crooked cuts. Think of a new band saw blade as if it were a knife with a new edge or a pencil with a new point. Everyone knows that a knife will stay sharper longer if you take the time to hone the edge before you use the knife. We also know one cannot push down hard on a pencil point without breaking the tip when it is new. Band saw blades are no different.

Set the speed of your blade according to your cut charts. Reduce the feed pressure and head drop rate by 25% of the regular production rate for the first 100sq inches. Gradually increase feed and speed until the desired rate is achieved.

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