How to Notice if Your Bandsaw Blade is Dull

The First Signs

A dull saw blade takes a toll on your equipment and your quality of work. Not only that, but it’s dangerous to keep using. So how do you know when it’s time to replace one? Aside from visual signs like chipped blade teeth or rough cuts in material, you can hear when it’s time to replace a dull blade.

Other Clues

As it goes bad, the saw blade forces the motor to work harder to cut through material, which causes a loud whining sound. You can also feel when your blade has lost its sharp edge because you have to apply extra force to push the saw through the material you’re cutting.

The efficiency of a web-based company

When your saw blade starts to show any of these signs, change it immediately with a high-quality blade From Using a web-based company means you can order whatever you need, whenever you need it. manufactures a variety of high-quality blades and makes them directly available to you — cutting down on cost, hassle, and delivery time.

All orders are shipped same day to get your new blades there fast, so you don’t have to hold up the work.

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