Freud’s LU84 Combination Blade

In this video Jordan is going to talk to you about the Freud Combination Blade also available in a thin kerf design.

The Combination Blade allows you to rip and crosscut soft and hardwoods. It comes with a 10-degree hook and a full kerf design. It is coated with a non-stick perma shield coating, and is equipped with a large gullet for chip clearance, and Freud’s anti-vibration technology to stabilize the blade for quitter smoother cuts and extended blade life.

Freud’s industrial saw blades are crafted using the best materials, with the most innovative designs, and the industry’s sophisticated manufacturing processes. Every blade is specifically designed for maximum performance and blade longevity. Select the best blade for your application from a wide variety of designs and sizes, all featuring Freud’s unique Perma Shield or Silver Ice coatings and TiCo Hi-Density Carbide. The Hi-Density carbide is sharpenable for up to 10 resharpens.

Freud is the leading manufacturer of industrial and specialty saw blades, and carries an extensive inventory of Freud products. And remember to log on to for all your sawing needs from bandsaw blades, circular blades, coolant and replacement parts.

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