Freud’s LU80 Ultimate Plywood & Melamine Blade

In this video Jordan is going to talk to you about the Freud’s LU80 Ultimate Plywood & Melamine blade.

This blade allows you to have flawless, chip-free edges while crosscutting in solid woods, veneered plywoods, fine moldings, melamine, and laminates. It has a Hi-ATB tooth geometry along with a non-stick perma shield coating and negative degree hook. The Ultimate Plywood & Melamine blades are also available in a thin and full kerf design for various applications. And with Freud’s anti-vibration technology which absorbs vibration and stabilizes the blade, you’ll cut quitter, smoother, and have an extended blade life.

The result is a cut so smooth it eliminates the need for stabilizer or a scoring blade!

Freud is the leading manufacturer of industrial and specialty saw blades, and carries an extensive inventory of Freud products. Freud owns and operates the most innovative and technological advanced manufacturing facilities in Italy and Switzerland; thus consistently delivering the best quality products. To ensure that the highest quality products meet the toughest design standards.

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