The LU98 Single Sided Laminate & Melamine Blade

Jordan from is going to tell you how this blade is perfect in Melamine and Laminates. Freud’s LU98 series available in sizes of 7,8,9,10,12,14, and 16 inches. This blade is ideal for perfect finishes on single sided laminates, melamine and chipboard with a full kerf and TCG grind.The perma-shield coating makes this blade resistant to friction, heat and pitch build-up and, with Freud’s anti-vibration technology which stabilizes the blade for quieter smooth, square cuts. Built to withstand tough use in less-than-ideal conditions

Freud’s innovative coatings, anti-vibration technology, and high density TICO carbide allows it to outlast and outperform all other blades in the industry. The LU98 series provides professional woodworkers with exceptional finishes in single sided manmade materials.

With teeth that start out sharper and deliver improved edge retention, the blade can go longer between sharpening, and will hold up longer to save you time and money.

Freud is a leading manufacturer of high-quality industrial and specialty saw blades. carries an extensive inventory of Freud’s products. Freud owns and operates the most innovative and technological advanced manufacturing facilities in Italy and Switzerland; thus consistently delivering the best quality products. To ensure that the highest quality products meet the toughest design standards.

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