How to Cut Angle Iron in a Stack, Tech Tip with Chuckee 2009

In this helpful tech tip video ChuckE2009 is going to demonstrate how to cut angle iron in a stack. If you are needing more material cut and do not have time to cut one piece at a time stacking material is ideal for you. Chuckee shows how to properly cut with a bandsaw machine and the Q501 IC bandsaw blade from

The bandsaw machine and blade that Chuckee uses can be purchase through

The Q501 IC Bandsaw Blade

The 501 Qsaw blade will out preform all other “heavy set” or structural steel band saw blades in small welding shops to large steel fabricators. Q™501 IC band saw blade comes highly recommended by industry experts. By virtue of our proprietary heat treatment process and robust tooth design, a custom welded Q™501 IC band saw blade can handle the largest cross-section structure steel without pinching. The teeth are 8% cobalt, triple-tempered M-42 high speed steel.

Each Q© 501 IC Bimetal band saw blade features a custom High Speed Steel Bi metal Blade design. It maximizes cutting performance while minimizing kerf loss, so you can cut quickly and accurately with minimal damage to your blade.

When purchasing a band saw, you are often forced to choose between power and portability. Do you want a machine that can handle heavy-duty applications or one that can be easily moved from place to place without a forklift? With the Trajan 712, your can get the best of both worlds. Its solid casting body means it can handle some of the toughest jobs.

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