How to Properly Clean Your Carbide Circular Saw Blade, Tech Tip with Tyler

It is important you clean dull saw blades and other carbide tools regularly as pitch, glues and other materials can build up and severely effect cutting tool performance.  It is also essential that the carbide and the steel tool bodies be cleaned before brazing or welding.

Most people think that their blade is dull when it may just need to be cleaned. Remove your saw blade and use your cleaning products to soak your blade. After you are finished soaking scrub the teeth with a scrub brush if you cannot get the grime off it should look brand new. Place your saw blade back on your machine to test it out.

Be careful of the sharp teeth when you are handling the blade. Some people spend more money on purchasing a new one and throwing out a perfectly good saw blade because they think it is dull. Circular saw blades need to be clean to cut effectively and efficiently.

Saw blades are an investment users and need to be taken care of to get the longest blade life possible.

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