In this video, Austin from is going to show you how to extend the life of your metal cutting Qsaw blade.

First, let’s talk about the theory behind the Qsaw dry cutting circular blades.

The blades must produce a thick enough chip to efficiently carry the heat away from the material and cutting tip. This can be accomplished with the right cutting speed.

If you cut too slow the chips will become over heated and sparks will occur. As the chips burn away, excess heat is transferred into the part and cutting tip. When the tip is over heated it will fracture reducing the blade life.

You can also cut too fast, by applying to much PSI per cutting tip leading to fracturing, also reducing the blade life.

Even with proper cutting practices fracturing of the teeth will occur as the blade wears. The goal is to keep the fracturing down to a minimum to produce maximum blade life.

Correct cutting practice consist of, slow entry into material making sure to not slam the blade down onto the part

After contacting the material, increase the feed rate by adding pressure until you notice the sparks diminish and a nice healthy chip is being produced.

Upon exiting the material reduce the feed rate so that the machine does not propel the drop from the work area.

Using these proper cutting practices, you will help to extend the life of your metal cutting Qsaw blade.

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