The Trajan 128 band saw is perfect for the home shop, hobbyist or small job shop. While this saw is economical, it’s not short on features. The saw head is made from cast material to dampen vibration and increase blade and machine life. The Trajan 128 also has a heavy-duty cast iron vise bed that will provide years of service.

Functional Versatility
The Trajan 128 band saw can be run as either a standard horizontal pivot style band saw, or as a vertical band saw. All operators have to do is lift the head 90 degrees and lock it into place. This becomes extremely important when trying to cut intricate designs.

It has a Mechanical controlled descent, 60 degree mitering head, bearing blade guides, and an easily portable working stand. The Trajan 128 band saw is the complete package.

Ample Capacity
The Trajan 128 band saw is no slouch in the capacity department either. It can cut up to 5” round stock at 90 degrees. It can also cut at a 6” rectangle — in addition to a number of other profiles and shapes.

Operational Flexibility
The Trajan 128 band saw features 1/3 horsepower blade drive motor and a step pulley blade speed system. The pulley blade system boasts speeds of 80, 120 and 200 fpm, giving you flexibility to cut a wide variety of material. Because of the manual tensioning mechanism, the Trajan 128 band saw makes changing blades easy. It also gives operators the proper band tension with every blade.

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