Choose the Trajan 20 when you need a powerful manual, miter cutting bandsaw. It provides phenomenal cutting potential and can handle range of cutting applications. It’s cutting capacity reaches 13” x 18” at 90 degrees and 9” x 12” capacity at 60 degrees, so the Trajan 20 provides excellent capabilities and convenient features within an economical price range.

With has heavy guide arms equipped with blade guide clamping locks and carbide blade guides, the Trajan 20 is built to offer optimal blade stability. With a steady blade, cuts can be made faster and more accurately, which helps to improve both production rates and blade life.

The Trajan uses a 13’-10” x 1” x .035 saw blade. The right blade means this band saw facilitates smooth production and even makes square cuts. Changing blades out and keeping them at the proper tension on the Trajan 20 is simple with the manual tensioning mechanism.

The Trajan 20 can miter cut up to 60 degrees in one direction. The miter protractor is easy to read and the Quick Lock lever system makes cutting at an angle quick and simple.

The heavy duty gearbox on the Trajan 20 drives its cast band wheel. This gives the heavy-duty cutting machine a stable platform. It can handle difficult to cut materials.

The infeed side of the saw has a built-in feed table, complete with three rollers and a vertical alignment roller. In addition to these features, the Trajan has a large discharge table, a handy work space for processing pieces once they’ve been cut.

The Trajan 20 was engineered to offer extremely precise cuts. That’s why it features a laser — to assist in making sure the work piece is in correct position before making a cut. The laser also allows operators to ensure measurements are correct without getting the saw blade close to the material before making a cut.

An easy to operate variable speed pulley system ensures operators will have control over blade speed. The dial control provides blade speeds between 75 and 400 sfpm. The Trajan 20 also has a 3hp blade drive motor. To help operators set up the next cut quickly, the Trajan has a positioning saw vise with a quick locking mechanism.

A completely self contained coolant system to means shops can use the Trajan 20 to cut harder materials. The coolant system also increase blade life, as it keeps the blade at proper temperature throughout the cut. In addition to the coolant system, the Trajan 20 has a chip brush and wash down hose, which help remove chips from sensitive areas on the cutting machine.

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