All about the Trajan 1319 Band Saw

The Trajan 1319A Band Saw is a game changer in the sawing industry. It’s a semi-automatic, dual miter saw designed to reduce labor costs in fabricator shops. This saw will help you quote jobs at lower prices, drawing more clients to your business. With an ample cutting capacity of 13” x 19” at 90 degrees and 7” x 8” cutting capacity at 60 degrees, the Trajan 1319A can handle medium to heavy fabrication.

It’s frequently used in all types of fabrication, from metal buildings to stairs and rails. The Trajan 1319A’s swiveling saw head means it has a miter cutting capability of up to 60 degrees in one direction and 45 degrees in the opposite direction. The easy to read miter protractor with the fast locking arm make cutting angles extremely easy. We incorporated a movable cast vise system into the design to enable the saw’s opposable miter cutting capabilities.

Since the saw has a semi-automatic function, the blade will stop after the cut and the operator can set the machine to return to its preset position when finished. An adjustable cast guide arm, which features carbide blade guides and pre-roller bearings, provides maximum saw blade stability, which increases production rates and blade life. Changing blades and achieving proper tension is easy thanks to the manual tensioning mechanism.

The Trajan 1319A features down feed controls for the saw head. This capability gives the operator precise cuts by controlling the feed rate of the saw. The Trajan 1319A features a completely self-contained coolant system that increases cutting capabilities on harder materials and enhances blade life. The saw also includes a wash down hose to assist in cleaning the work area of the saw, and a chip brush to remove chips from blade teeth.

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