This year, got an inside view of Hanoi, Vietnam. This South East Asian city has a thriving populous and a thirst for innovative endeavors. Hanoi’s bustling streets are testament to its rapid growth. With all the demand for new buildings, is proud to provide band saws and saw blades to companies contributing to the growth of Hanoi and, indeed, all Vietnam. We believe that value is a global venture.

Even as Hanoi rushes into the future, it holds on to its traditional ways, and has remained dedicated to its ideals too. We build premium band saw blades that deliver excellent performance at reasonable prices.

Our band saw blades are available in every hemisphere. has earned a worldwide reputation for quality, customized saw blades. In Hanoi, our blades help cut the materials required to build buildings and bridges, among other infrastructure projects. also ships band saws over seas. Our premium band saws from Trajan come in a variety of lines, each with unique features and strengths. Whether you’re in Hanoi or Timbuktu, we have a band saw that meets your workshop’s specific production needs.

With years of experience in the sawing industry at our back, offers additional products designed to improve band saw and band saw blade performance. Our biggest sellers include synthetic and semi-synthetic sawing fluid, and lubricant misters, which help eliminate the need for coolant.

Near or far, can help equip your workshop with the right tools for the job – and at the right price. We want to be known across the world as the go-to site for custom-welded band saw blades. From the high-rises of Hanoi to the tiniest town in Texas, is at the start of every journey.

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