On our trip to Vietnam this year, Sawblade.com was lucky enough to visit Ha Long Bay. This gorgeous UNESCO World Heritage Site is a popular travel destination for tourists all over the world. It’s recognized for its beauty and biodiversity. The most prominent features of Ha Long Bay are its sheer-sided limestone islands overflowing with greenery. We knew that we couldn’t pass up the chance at such an outstanding vista.

While Sawblade.com will always have its heart in Texas, we’re big believers in the importance of travel. When we visit new places, we remember how much is happening around the world. Here, we consider ourselves to be globally minded. We export our band saw blades and band saws all over the world. We’re proud to help build skyscrapers, contribute to manufacturing, and support innovation in rapidly growing countries. But it’s visiting sites like Ha Long Bay that gives us a different perspective on the countries where we sell our saw blades and band saws. It helped us feel more connected to the history and the people of Vietnam.

We ship our band saws and band saw blades far and wide. When you travel, whether it’s to Vietnam or Vancouver, some the skylines you see were built with materials from Sawblade.com. We’re proud of our international scope and happily support innovation and construction in other countries.

Furthermore, our blades, saws, and accessories are used in the aerospace industry and help people and goods travel around the world. Next time you step off an airplane to a new destination, there’s a good chance that Sawblade.com helped bring you there.

Whether you’re in the United States or abroad, Sawblade.com can help your stock your shop with the exact set of tools you need: band saws, custom saw blades, or cutting and sawing fluid. Not only do we have a huge variety, we ensure reasonable prices for all our products.

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