Moeller Construction builds barndominiums, metal buildings, cattle pins, and H braces. Moeller uses hole saws with the tubing notcher, and our carbide circular saws to produce precise cuts every time.

When working out at a job site you have to be careful cutting with an abrasive machine so you do not set grass or other materials on fire. With the Trajan 1400 Carbide Circular Saw you do not have to worry about excessive sparks and it cuts faster then an abrasive saw. It also leaves a cool to the touch finish for easy work ready materials.

One of the biggest advantages of using circular chop saws is how portable they are, even the industrial sized ones. With a generator, you can take a circular chop saw to your work site and quickly cut materials like pipes and building materials. This gives you greater efficiency because you can make more cuts per hour, easily cutting smaller pieces. Furthermore, circular chop saws are typically able to produce pieces that can be welded immediately after being cut with minimal finishing/filing.

Another advantage of the circular chop saw is its versatility. It can cut many different materials and be fitted with different blades, enabling the operator to specialize the chop saw based on the material to be cut. It is often used on job sites because it can easily cut at a 45-degree angle. The circular chop saw also requires minimal maintenance. It does need to be cleaned regularly, especially where the chips collect in the pan. Carbide chop saws are very reliable, and don’t tend to gum up. This lets you cut longer and more often.

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