All about the Trajan 250s

This means finding a band saw that’s both easy to use and has the ability to cut a variety of different materials. This is where the Trajan 250S comes in. Its range of features makes it an attractive saw for many different types of operations, including fabricators, machine shops, plastic manufacturers and many other uses. We asked David Hall of to give us the scoop on the Trajan 250S.

The Trajan 250S is a heavy-duty band saw. It comes with a one-inch band saw blade and has a heavy framework that weighs in at a hefty 1000 lbs. This heavy framework offers the operator exceptional stability, enabling the operator to get more cuts out of the blade. It comes with a two horsepower motor and a variable speed control, offering a band speed between 80-259 surface feet per minute. This gives you many options during the cutting process. It is also easy to use with carbide blade guides and pre-roller guides allow the operator ease of use from his control panel.

A few other nice features of the Trajan 250S include • Easy maintenance • A chip brush and built-in coolant This combination keeps the band saw blade clean and cutting longer so you don’t have to spend as much money replacing your saw blades. The Trajan 250S also comes with adjustable down feed control and an adjustable guide arm. Put all these features together, and you have a heavy-duty band saw capable of cutting a wide range of different materials with ease.

The Trajan 250S band saw is a great option if you are looking for a heavy-duty machine that will cut longer and offer a reliable alternative to other heavy band saws. Its heft and engineering make it an easy machine for an operator to use. If you are interested in purchasing a Trajan 250S band saw, or have any questions about the band saw, contact us today.

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