All About the Trajan 916 Bandsaw

Trying to find a Band Saw that can do it all is difficult, especially if you’re budget conscious. A band saw that can cut the hardest metals on the market without sacrificing efficiency can get costly. If you’re looking for a reasonably-priced sawing machine that can handle some of the toughest jobs out there, the Trajan 916 could be the perfect solution for you.

The Trajan 916 is a sawing machine designed from top-to-bottom to prolong blade life. It has a very sturdy design, and, thanks to its carbide guides with roller bearings, it can absorb vibration very well. Less vibration means straighter cuts and less wear and tear on the blade itself. The guides also ensure that you use the Trajan 916’s cutting capacity to the fullest. When equipped with a carbide steel blade, it can cut some of the hardest metals, like nickel alloys and aerospace steels. This combination of features means you’ll be able to save more money per cut than other bandsaws on the market.

Enhanced blade life isn’t all that the Trajan 916 has to offer. The Trajan 916 also comes with a 2 horsepower engine that allows it to be run on about 50% of the energy that band saws typically run on. An infinitely variable speed system comes standard with the machine and allows operators to cut from 95 to 402 fpm. This range means operators have an extreme level of control – one that typically isn’t found in saws at this price range. For quick and easy clean up, the Trajan 916 also comes with a built-in coolant system and a chip brush that keeps the saw blade cool and clean.

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