In today’s video, Marine Urethane discusses the Q701 M71 BiMetal Blade.

The M71 blade is a high production BiMetal bladed designed to cut materials when M42 BiMetal blades can’t. The blade is very effective when it comes to cutting Inconel, D2 Steels, Stainless Steels, Monels, and other exotic alloys.

Band saw machine operators have different options when cutting certain types of materials. Carbon blades for wood and plastics, Bi-Metal blades for steels, metals and Carbide blades for titanium and other exotic alloys. But, did you know that a Bi-Metal blade is capable of cutting hard and exotic alloys? Did you know that aside from a Carbide blade, a Bi-Metal blade can also cut hard materials such as Monels and alloys?

It is engineered to cut on hard to cut materials of small to medium diameter materials. it provides faster cutting rate with less machine pressure. machine and user friendly, because the blade is designed for constant feed and constant pressure. when cutting exotic allows, the accuracy and blade life of the M71 blades have increased compared to any other BiMetal blade. has an extensive line of sawing products from band saw blades, circular blades, coolant, and replacement parts.

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