Central Tube and Bar Uses Sawblade.com to supply the Mid-South with value-added processing

If you work in or near the Mid-South, then you probably know Central Tube and Bar, a leading supplier and processor of high quality, prime tube and bar products, including round, rectangular and square tubing. Their niche – value-added processing, requires exacting tolerances, and virtually every precision cut is made with a blade from Sawblade.com.

“If you do what you say you’re going to do, and do it on time, you will always have plenty of customers.” That’s the proven philosophy Dustin Ward, President of Central Tube and Bar used to grow his company from a single customer 20 years ago to the 150 they have today. The company’s association with North American Steel Alliance (NASA) has given them the buying power of the big box stores as well leading them to a very productive relationship with Sawblade.com. Providing a quality product, same day shipping and competitive pricing, Sawblade.com has become an integral partner in Central Tube and Bar’s daily operations.  you can contact them at 886.788.4083

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