Sprint Car, Golden Triangle, July 17, 2015

Driver Tommy Bryant took Car number 28 into the Golden Triangle raceway in Beaumont, Texas Friday July 17, 2015 where he finished in 3rd. and Cooper Motor Sports are racing ASCS Sprint Cars in 2015.

The ASCS is a high adrenaline sport of cars on a track hitting 140mph+. This episode goes in depth of the sprint car itself. They are light with big tires and a huge amount of horsepower on a dirt track.

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Keep up and join our excitement with how our car is doing on the Lucas Oil Speedway website and keep up with our own sprint Car as well as prop pulling videos on

The very first national tour was in 1993 with Little Rock’s own I-30 speedway. Mike Ward from Memphis Tennessee was the winner. And it was Tulsa’s John Hunt that would later on be the first National Tour Champion.

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