American Sprint Car Series Episode 8 “The Racing Family”

In this episode of the American Sprint Car Series drivers talk about the fans and other racers in detail. At race tracks drivers often make friends with other racers. Someone may be short handed or need help on their car and other racers can jump in and help. Some fans also travel race to race to watch the season play out. Drivers love to meet their fans and sign autographs with them to show how much they appreciate the fans watching them race. Drivers want to out race each other on the track not beat them in the pits.

The ASCS is a high-risk sport. For these drivers to do what they do is very dangerous and has to be careful. This sport is an adrenaline rush and drivers love what they do and being behind the wheel of their car not only is it their job but it is their hobby as well. They have to be careful on the track at all times.

The very first national tour was in 1993 with Little Rock’s own I-30 speedway. Mike Ward from Memphis Tennessee was the winner. And it was Tulsa’s John Hunt that would later on be the first National Tour Champion.

Zach Chappell was the youngest driver ever top the National Tour and topped the charts in 2001.

Ever since 1993 and the National Tour began Lucas Oil ASCS has seen over 1,300 drivers win a green flag.

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