Tommy Bryant Sprint Car Gears

Sprint cars are not equipped with a standard factory transmission, yet they have an in or out gearbox that is fed by the powerhouse via a torque tube. This Gearbox offers a “quick change” rear differential for occasional gearing changes based off of track conditions and track length. For a smaller track, it is better to have a lower gear ratio and For a larger track, the car should have a higher gear ratio. The track conditions also play a role in the gearing of the sprint car. For slick tracks, the car should have a lower gear ratio and for a heavy track, it should have a higher gear ratio to try and get the best traction to increase overall performance. A driver’s preference of where they like to race best on the track is also a factor in the cars gear ratio. If a driver takes the corners high or low also depends on the gear set up. Each driver races differently.

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