Lucas Oil Pro pulling is a series of races that tour all over the country and showcases extreme vehicles and some of the most talented pulling drivers in the world. It is uniquely an American motorsport competition that highlights sheer horsepower and driver skill.

The pulling league has over twenty classes that someone can participate in to pull. Although most participates in pro pulling are from automotive, mechanical, or farming there are few who come from unrelated job fields such as doctors, or dentists. There is not a full time pro pulling team it is hobbyist and serious pullers who try and have as much fun as they can. Tractors pull a sled that has a set weight and it is called a weight transfer sled. When the tractors get down the 100 meter track this is called a “full pull”. The more tractors that make it to the end more weight is added to the sled. The winner is the tractor that can pull the weight the furthest.

This series has been described as the most premier pulling series in the United States of America. Competitors compete for cash prizes in a four series event.

Keep up with the pro pulling as well as our own sponsored tractor by checking out the link below.