Sprint car headers and mufflers are changeable on the car depending on the driver, track conditions, and the track officials. Drivers do not typically prefer to run mufflers because it can harm the performance of the car by restricting airflow thus decreasing the efficiency of the motor. Tracks sometimes require mufflers for the noise. The headers on the motor can be changed depending on the length of the collector to tune the torque of the motor. The torque of the motor can also be turned by changing different diameters of the headers.

The ASCS is a high-risk sport. For these drivers to do what they do is very dangerous and has to be careful. This sport is an adrenaline rush and drivers love what they do and being behind the wheel of their car not only is it their job but it is their hobby as well. They have to be careful on the track at all times.

Listen as Tommy Bryant explains the importance of headers and mufflers on sprint cars.

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