Check out our 7 piece Mechanics’ kit featuring our M42 Cobalt Bimetal Hole Saws.

Every mechanic needs a high quality industrial hole saw to tackle mild steel and alloy steel applications. The kit is based around our custom-designed Quintero Hole Saws ensuring true spinning blade for more accurate holes and extended blade life.

With their specially-formulated teeth featuring a rugged tooth design allowing for a greater chip ejection and less clogging they will increase cutting efficiency and blade life.

The teeth on these multi purpose hole saws are arranged in 4 – 6 TPI Pitch for outstanding performance in a variety of materials such as wood, metal, aluminum, and fiberglass. Boasting a 1-7/8” cut depth, deeper than the industry standard allowing our saws to cut in a wide range of application with reduced clogging.

This 7 piece kit includes 1 1/4” arbor, 1 adapter, and 5 hole saws ranging from 7/8” (22MM) to 1-1/2”(38MM). This kit is perfect for a mechanic in need of an industrial set of hole saws. We cannot recommend this enough, as cost-efficient starter solution.

Get it now at: is simply the best in performance sawing products, and remember:

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