Whether it’s broken teeth or an inaccurate cut, hole saws have always been the dreaded tool of the job site. Finding a good industrial hole saw to tackle a variety of applications with reliability has always been a hassle. 

Today we are going to take a look at the only hole saws you should have in your

shop: The game-changing Quintero performance hole saws exclusively available at Sawblade.com

Our specially designed Quintero bi-metal hole saws are constructed from our custom-welded q601 series industrial band saw blade material. This gives you the same high quality cutting, versatility, reliability, and power of a bandsaw blade in the palm of your hands. 

Your ordinary commercial hole saws at the big box stores are constructed of stamped steel and therefore are typically heavily flawed. Stamped hole saws tend to wobble, produce oblong holes and in worst case scenarios break during the cutting process. 

Our custom-designed Quintero hole saws are built with machined solid steel back plates (the portion of the hole saw that will be affixed to the arbor therefore it is critical for it to be machined precisely).

After machining, our back plates are then precision-welded to the blade backing to ensure you a true spinning blade. This entire process yields an industrial hole saw that produces more accurate holes with increased blade longevity. The specially formulated teeth on our Quintero hole saws are composed of an industrial-grade 8 percent cobalt/alloy blend. 

Perfect for cutting a variety of materials such as hard and exotic woods, mild steel, alloy steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and much more!

Get yours today at: https://www.sawblade.com/order-m42-bimetal-hole-saws.cfm

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