Qsaw Quintero Hole Saws

In this video, Austin from sawblade.com discusses the benefits of the Quintero Hole Saws from Sawblade.com.

The Quintero M42 Bi-Metal hole saws are a game changer. They are made from a M42 8% Cobalt cutting edge which provides strength and longevity of the tooth.

These hole saws come in a 4-6 variable tooth pitch and are deeper than the average hole saws to allow you to interchange between wood and metal applications.

Unlike commercial grade stamped hole saws our hole saws are machined and precision welded to ensure a true spinning blade.

Sawblade.com carries an extensive inventory of Freud as well as a wide range of high quality sawing products.

So log onto sawblade.com for all your sawing needs from band saw blades, circular blades, coolant and replacement parts.

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