Need a versatile hole saw that can drill large diameter holes on the job with ease?

We have the right kit for you. Check out the QSaw Quintero M42 Cobalt Bimetal Hole Saw 9 piece Plumber’s Kit, exclusively on

Every plumber needs a high-quality industrial hole saw that can manage to cut quickly and cleanly in a variety of applications, without running into any performance problems. Unlike your ordinary commercial hole saws which tend to vibrate and produce oblong holes, our nine-piece plumber’s kit features our custom designed Quintero hole saws to ensure true spinning blades and more accurate holes while extending the blade life.

The specially-formulated teeth of our Quintero hole saws feature a rugged tooth design which allows for a greater chip ejection and less clogging, increasing cutting efficiency and blade life. This kit will provide outstanding performance in a variety of materials such as wood and metals as well as aluminum and fiberglass.

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