Freud’s LU88 Thin Kerf Crosscut Circular Blade

In this video, Jordan is going to discuss the benefits of Freud’s LU88 Thin Kerf Crosscut blade that will save you money, time, and material, and is available in 8,9,10, and 12 inches. This blade has a positive hook angle with an ATB tooth geometry and features a TiCO Hi-Density Carbide for maximum performance. It produces quality cuts in softwoods, hardwoods, and moldings. This blade out performs all other blades in the industry by producing excellent square cuts while wasting less material. It also features Freud’s non-stick perma shield coating to protect the blade from pitch build-up while reducing blade drag.

Finally it is equipped with Freud’s anti vibration technology that stabilizes the blade to produce high quality cuts while keeping your shop quieter and having extended blade life.

The LU88 series is for woodworkers who want a beneficial fine finish without the need for sanding and where material waste is a concern. carries an extensive inventory of Freud as well as a wide range of high quality sawing products.

So log onto for all your sawing needs from band saw blades, circular blades, coolant and replacement parts.

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