Freud’s LU87 Thin Rip Circular Saw Blade

In this video, Jordan is going to be analyzing the benefits of using Freud’s LU87 Thin Kerf Rip blade that is available in 8,9, and 10 inches. The Thin Kerf Rip blade has a flat grind and a positive hook angle with a premium TiCO Hi-Density carbide ripping blend for the best cutting performance. The Thin kerf design allows for a faster feed rate with reduced waste and positive hook angles for faster cutting with an easier feed in ripping applications.

It is coated with a Perma-shield coating that reduces blade drag while protecting the blade from corrosion and pitch build-up. This blade is a high performance blade that sets the standard for woodworkers who want a more efficient rip blade while still having exceptional finishes. Freud’s thin kerf blades can be sharpened up to 10X.

Freud is a leading manufacturer of industrial and specialty saw blades.

And carries an extensive inventory of Freud products.

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