Are you in need of a specialty saw blade built to maximize cutting life in composite materials and plastics?

Check out Diablo’s 7 1/4” 44 tooth Composite Material and Plastics Cutting Saw Blade, available at the link below in our Diablo Specialty Circular Blades.

Diablo’s TrexBlade is the only recommended composite decking by the Trex Company when cutting composite decking materials.

These new blades deliver maximum performance and highest quality of finish, making it a must have tool for both professionals and DIY-ers planning composite decking projects.

The Diablo composite plastics cutting saw blade features a modified triple-chip grind design which enables the material to remain cool while cutting for melt free cuts.

This blade has a laser-cut stabilizer vent to keep the blades straight and true for superior quality cuts and no swirl marks and the non-stick Perma-SHIELD® coating helps reduce drag and shields the blade against heat, gumming and corrosion.

Diablo’s TrexBlade is also equipped with a thin kerf design that requires less cutting power, making them ideal for underpowered saws at the job site. With the specially formulated TiCo™ Hi-Density carbide, this blade will deliver more efficient and cleaner cuts to maximize the cutting life in composite decking materials and plastics.

Diablo’s composite material and plastic saw blade is recommended for siding and decking  projects and is ideal for producing high quality finish cuts in composite material and cellular PVC products. carries an extensive line of Diablo as well as a wide range of high-quality sawing products at factory direct prices. We sell direct so we can control the quality of the product and the customer’s experience, making sure you are always a satisfied customer and bringing you quality industrial sawing products at lower prices.

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