What happens when you take a laser-cut blade, add ultra high-grade carbide teeth, precision vent stabilizers and a heat resistant Dura-Shield finish?

You get a blade that can cut anything.

Introducing Xiphos, a revolutionary new carbide tip blade designed to fit any 7 1/4” Circular Saw and cut virtually any material.

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This blade is optimized for corded and cordless saws, and will cut 2X lumber,

wood with nails, angle iron, channel, flat bar, steel studs and threaded rod.

  • Cuts up to 2-1/4” material thickness in clean wood & wood with nail cutting applications
  • Cuts 3/32”-1/4” wall thickness in steel studs, channel, angle iron, pipe, tubing, plate, and bar stock
  • Cuts 1/4″ – 1” diameter threaded rod


Size: 7 1/4” x 5/8” x 46T

Fits: Any Standard 7 1/4” Saw

Application: Wood and Metal

Speed: 8000 RPM

Blade Teeth: Carbide

Blade Diam. : 7 1/4” 184mm

Arbor Diam. : 5/8” 16mm

Grind: ATB-C

Hook: 5°

Kerf: 0.0625”

Plate Thk. : 0.044”

Teeth: 46

Max Rpm: 8000

No Middleman. No Markup. No Problem. Go Direct.


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