Freud’s LM72 Heavy Duty Rip Blade

In this video, our product specialist Jordan is going to tell you why the Heavy-Duty blade is the ultimate blade for you.

Freud’s Heavy-Duty Rip blade produces smooth, fast rips in softwoods, and hardwoods. It has TiCo Hi-Density carbide teeth with a full kerf, positive hook angle and flat tooth grind. This blade out performs other similar blades with a clean square cut and little to no sanding. With Freud’s non-stick perma-shield coating to protect the blade from pitch build up or the silver ice coating to keep the blade cooler while allowing it to outlast other saw blades.

It comes with a high performance anti-vibrations technology to stabilize the blade during cuts and have a quieter working environment. For woodworks want benefits of fast durable rip blade with crisp cuts and longevity.

This blade sets industry standards with it’s cutting ability and out performing other blades on the market.

Freud is a leading manufacturer of high-quality industrial and specialty saw blades. carries an extensive inventory of Freud’s products.

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