Cutting An Air Compressor Pump

In this video, ChuckE2009 has a little fun cutting an air compressor pump to show what is inside with a Trajan 812 band saw from

The Trajan 812 is a heavy duty manual miter pivot saw that can cut up to a 45 degree angle. It’s an easy to use saw that can handle the tougher materials and parts that haven’t been pre-cut. Above all, the 812 is very efficient. In fact, it “Uses half the power of competitors’ saws,” making it less expensive in the log run.

The Trajan 812 has a few components engineered to help you get the perfect cut. Carbide blade guides– instead of bearings – mean this saw can handle heavy-duty metals, including: • Carbon steel 41-40, • High alloy steels, • And, when paired with a carbide-tipped saw blade, materials that are 70-72 Rockwell hardness.

The Trajan 812 is equipped with a gear-driven three speed transmission that runs from 135 to 256 revolutions per minute (RPM). The transmission makes the 812 extremely convenient. “Users can change the speed while the saw is running,” it makes changing speed as simple as turning a knob. The Trajan 812 also has a built in lubricant system that allows the operator to wet cut. The lubricant systems also removes chips from the cutting surface, which can help extend blade life.

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