In this video, Chris, one of our technicians will demonstrate how to install a rubber band tire on your bandsaw.

When you receive your tire, it may feel too small for your wheel. We’ll show you how to install it properly.

As always, safety first, we recommend wearing safety glasses and gloves.

If you haven’t done so yet, you can take the wheel off your machine, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

For this technique, you’ll need a couple zip ties and a o-ring.

First, slide a portion of the tire on to the wheel. Make sure it is flush against the flange.

Using a zip tie, fasten the tire on the wheel at 3 and 9 o’clock.

After that you can either put the rest of the tire on the wheel by hand or with an o-ring.

Pull one of the reminding sides of the tire on the wheel. Then use your foot to keep the wheel in place while putting the rest of the tire on the wheel with your hands.

If the last step is too difficult, you can slide an o-ring around the tire and guide it onto the wheel. carries an extensive line of rubber band tires as well as urethane tires for all band saws of numerous sizes. We also have upgrade kits. is dedicated to their customers. They understand that losing even one day of productivity can have a drastic impact on a workshop. That’s why offers Next Day Shipment. Employing modern technology and the latest innovations in logistics methodology means that customers can get a new saw blade or a replacement part as soon as possible.

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