Presents a Customer Profile On Quality and Linings & Fabrication, Inc.

This company has 200,000+ square feet of manufacturing space with compatible overhead traveling cranes (up to 20-ton capacity) that makes no production job too big or too small. In addition, Quality’s Electrical division has over 5,000 square feet of environmentally controlled assembly area available to compliment a fabrication project or meet your specialty control needs. They use sawing products to have an efficient work environment and get products to customers faster.

Our satisfied clients include many Fortune 500 companies in the oil & gas, electrical utility, co-generation, waste water treatment, process equipment, and system integrator industries, as well as a wide variety of smaller firms.

Quality Linings & Fabrication’s goal is to be your preferred source for high quality cost-effective precision manufacturing services. We will work with you from the inspectional concept through the installation of the supplied equipment by providing up-front complementary technical assistance, materials, tooling, fabrication, machining, assembly, inspection, and testing to your specifications.

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