We Build, We create, We innovate. America is a nation of builders and innovators. Today, American manufacturers strive to be worthy of our history and aspire to the highest standards of quality and ingenuity. In 1930, American workers started construction on what would become the tallest man-made structure in the world for the next twenty-three years. The Empire State building was completed in just fifteen months. It ignited the world’s imagination, inspiring towering skylines across the globe for years to come.

At Sawblade.com, we’re honored that our blades have been, and continue to be, used to build some of the greatest buildings and structures in the United States. We want to spark the same type of possibility that the Empire State Building energized eighty-three years ago.

That’s why Sawbalde.com is proud to be revolutionizing the way manufacturers purchase band saw blades. With a few simple clicks, customers can now receive the highest caliber band saw blades and accessories at a fraction of the cost. orders are shipped the same day – directly to manufacturer locations – at no cost, enabling production increases, Time Savings and Lower expenses.

To continue achieving our lofty goals, American manufacturers should be able to rely on each other. At Sawblade.com, American workers build every blade, right here in the United States.

Innovation, determination, and collective vision propels America upwards. Sawblade.com provides the blades to help take us there.

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