American Sprint Car Series Episode 2 “Proving Grounds”

This is episode one of nine videos explaining the break down of American Sprint Cars. The drivers themselves go in depth about the race tracks and what it takes to race in the ASCS. Each driver is different and has different preferences of racing and their car set up. The ASCS is a high adrenaline sport of cars on a track hitting 140mph+. This episode goes in depth of the sprint car itself. They are light with big tires and a huge amount of horsepower on a dirt track. The ASCS hits different tracks across the country to even the playing field among drivers. The difference is some tracks are shorter then others while some are larger. The way the dirt is on the tracks is also different. Some of the tracks have harder packed dirt while some are looser packed.

The ASCS is a high-risk sport. For these drivers to do what they do is very dangerous and has to be careful. This sport is an adrenaline rush and drivers love what they do and being behind the wheel of their car not only is it their job but it is their hobby as well. They have to be careful on the track at all times.

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