In this video we are cutting an Land Rover engine block in half with the Q 601 band saw blade from

In a world where professional saw operators are looking for one blade to cut as much as they can without changing out blades from their machines, the Q 601 Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade is as close as you might be able to find to the answer!

We’re back! Thanks for your comments; glad to know you are enjoying the Curiosity Series videos, brought to you by the good people at Last month we asked all of you in “Social Media Land”,  what you would like to see us SAW in half. We had several interesting suggestions, one of them being a car engine block.

So… it is with pleasure that we present to you A Range Rover engine block! This is a unique opportunity to see our National Sales Manager cut this engine block in half. Here, she demonstrates the capacity and accuracy of our Trajan 510 Band Saw and our Q 601 series Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade (s), while showing you the inner workings of a Range Rover engine!

 The Q 601 has the same aggressive tooth engineering as our other blades; and it is coupled with M 42 High Speed Steel tooth tips attached to a fatigue-resistant backer. This assembly technique ensures top cutting performance time and time again. When you need parts on the floor, accurate cuts and long blade life at a low cost, the Q 601 Band Saw Blade is an all-purpose high-quality blade, well suited for cutting a wide range of alloys from mild carbon steels up to the High Speed Tool Steels. The “ground tooth” geometries provide optimum cutting performance across a broad array of applications and materials. The M42 high speed edge improves wear resistance and the over sized blade body increases beam strength, both allowing for more cuts per blade.

The Q 601 was developed with end user input and the design has been proven effective worldwide. Ideal for steel service centers, medium and large sized manufacturers, fabricators and tool and die shops the Q 601 has the ability to cut carbon steel, chrome steel, tool steel, die steel, stainless steel, nickel base steel, structurals, pipe and tube and mixed metal applications.  The Q 601 comes with a Variable Tooth Set design, consisting of a tooth set alternately right and left at regular intervals with a Raker tooth!

The Q 601 is an  excellent choice for cutting a variety of shapes and pipe from 15 millimeter wall thickness and up! In addition an added feature of the Q 601 is that the regular tooth pattern is broken up to reduce noise, offering less vibration and chatter. One blade is suitable for a wider range of cutting! Tooth pattern is repeated throughout band and the tooth shape changes within pattern.

Professional saw operators are always looking for that one blade that cuts everything! The Q 601 comes close for mild steels!

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