The latest in the curiosity series, a massive 15 inch cast piston from a pump station located in Freeport, Texas was the most recent “victim”, in our “curiosity” series of sawing items in half – just because we can!

This piston was rejected for use due to quality issues, as it was .06000 out of tolerance. So, we wondered what was inside this piston, so we thought, what the heck? Let’s just cut it in half”. This video is going to demonstrate cutting capabilities of our Q™ 701 Band Saw Blade.

Q™ 701 Band Saw Blade has a unique tooth geometry and ground tooth 11% Cobalt High-Speed Steel tooth tip, with a high quality 3% chrome backing, which are the secrets to its prolonged blade life. Designed for constant feed and constant pressure machines, Q™ 701 Band Saw Blade is a user-friendly blade that will work on virtually any band saw machine; and you can count on being able to cut Stainless Steel, Inconel, D2, Monel and other exotic alloys all day long with the Q™ 701 Band Saw Blade. A high performance Bi-Metal Band Saw Blade made with M-71 steel, it has a uniquely designed tooth edge that allows the teeth to cut in a fast pulsating action.

A larger capacity gullet improves chip carrying capacity when you need that kind of performance as when cutting alloy and carbon steels. In addition, the blade has a 7% to 10% positive rake tooth profile making for easy penetration with reduced feed force.
For additional information on the Q™ 701 Band Saw Blade, Visit for more information about this band saw blade as well as the entire series of “Q” Band Saw Blades.

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