In this curiosity video we cut a machine tool gearbox in half with a Q701 Ground tooth band saw blade from saw

Have you ever seen the inside of a transmission or gear box? Well, here’s your chance while you watch Q™ 701 Ground Tooth Band Saw Blade make short work of a gear box!

In an ongoing effort to solve the great world’s mysteries of what’s inside common items and to simply destroy items of interest, the fourth video of our curiosity series is here and ready to view. In it, we cut a machine tool gear box in half!

This time we pulled out all the stops.  Using Q™ 701 Ground Tooth Band Saw Blade along with one of the most versatile band saws’ made; the Trajan 20 Band Saw.

Q™ 701 Ground Tooth Band Saw Blade is specially engineered with a unique tooth geometry and ground tooth 11% Cobalt High-Speed Steel tooth tip, with a high quality 3% chrome backing. That combination is the secret to its prolonged blade life. Designed for constant feed and constant pressure machines Like the Trajan 20, the Q ™ 701 is a user-friendly blade that you can count on being able to cut Stainless Steel, Inconel, Monel and other exotic alloys  with the Q 701.

In this six minute episode, you will see a virtually indestructible gearbox be cut in half with ease and little effort. Sit back; grab some popcorn; prop up your feet; and enjoy the show.

See for more information on this versatile band saw blade – the Q™ 701 Ground Tooth Band Saw Blade!

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