QSaw 18 Inch 36 Tooth Pallet Dismantling Circular Blade

In this video, Jordan from Sawblade.com discusses the benefits of Sawblade.com’s 18 Inch 36 Tooth Pallet Dismantling Circular Blade.

The Qsaw Pallet dismantling series was designed around the intense and high production cutting in the pallet recycling industry.

Our 18-inch 36 tooth pallet blade features premium grade carbide with an ATB grind to allow for reduced snagging and fast efficient rips through hard and soft wood.

It also features industrial brazing that creates an extra durable bond between the teeth and body of the blade.

The 18-inch 36 tooth pallet blade is perfect for high production cutting and fast feed rates in hard and soft woods.

Our Qsaw blades cut straighter because they have laser cut bodies rather than stamped which results in less distortion delivering a truer, square blade.

Sawblade.com has an extensive line of sawing products from band saw blades, circular blades, coolant, and replacement parts.

So, log on to sawblade.com for all your sawing needs.

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