In this video, Jordan from explaining why the QSaw 10” 40 tooth general purpose blade will allow you to cut a variety of job site materials without the need to change the blade.

This is an excellent general-purpose blade that has a premium grade of carbide for added strength and blade longevity giving you a quality finish and crisper edges in crosscut and ripping applications. 

It is ideal for cutting a wide range of materials like; thick hardwoods, softwoods and thinner stock materials reducing the need to change blades between tasks.

The carbide circular Qsaw blades have laser cut bodies that have less distortion than stamped blades and an ATB grind for clean, square cuts. They also feature industrial brazing that creates an extra durable bond between the teeth and body of the blade. has an extensive line of sawing products from band saw blades, circular blades, coolant, and replacement parts. 

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