In this video, Jordan from discusses the benefits of the Q905 Saw Mill Band Saw Blade.

In the wood processing industry, a diversity of materials are ran at aggressive feed rates causing premature stress cracking and even breakage in your average band saw mill blade. has solved this issue with our Q905 Portable Mill and Re-saw Blade 

Our Q905 series features a heat-treated steel alloy tooth making it 37% stronger than leading blades. Its enhanced tooth geometry allows for excellent chip ejection extending the life of the blade. Finally, its carbon steel alloy backing allows for flexibility and reduces blade fatigue that leads to cracking and blade breakage.  

The Q905 series is designed as a wood processing and ripping blade that produces minimal waste with maximum cutting power and a perfect balance between strength and flexibility. It is for woodworkers who need an excellent mill blade with longevity and more durability than leading rip blades. has an extensive line of sawing products from band saw blades, circular blades, coolant, and replacement parts. 

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